Ecoopony, a Polish recycling company dedicated to retread and repair tires. The client did not have a logo or visual identity previously and gave me a lot of creative space and freedom.I have also designed custom website. The approach was to create minimalistic, mobile and user friendly. I was responsible for delivering CSS and HTML and Photoshop files to developer. Drupal was chosen to be the CMS behind this website.

Each letter of the logo was drawn and digitalize in Illustrator. Few examples were made but this one presented here is the final, accepted version. The letter 'e' can also function as a stand alone icon. Since retreading is environmentally friendly I wanted to emphasise this using colour green in a logo and website. It gave softer touch to the strong, sturdy lettering.

Services provided:

  • CMS Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Logo

I focused on creating a simple logo mark and website, using only company colours—green and shades of grey.

Logo Marque



Marque Lockup

Logotype Lockup

Reverse Version

Color Palette

Color Variations

We tested different shades of green. But settled with the middle range. We were looking for a balance here: not too dark and not too bright. Also we wanted the colour to stand out nicely against black. 

Primary Typefaces

Primary Typefaces and Usage

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