I have been in the web design industry for almost 6 years. My strive for excellence and detail grew from an early childhood. As a quiet child I loved spending my time drawing and thinking. In school both art and mathematics were my favourite subjects. But I let my parents decide to pursue a career in economics. I spent 10 years studying economics both in high school and university. Few years before my final exam I slowly rekindled my interest in graphic design.

After university I opened my web design studio. I gained my first experience working for clients like National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, architectural and interior design Studio 1:1, and few law firms.

I was responsible for meeting with clients, keeping an eye for the budget, user experience, user interface, web design, responsive web design, logo design, and stationary.

In 2013 when my partner moved to the United Kingdom, I closed the studio and followed him. I spent next two years expanding my design knowledge. In 2015 I reopened my studio in the UK working full time as a freelance designer.

I am happiest walking in a forest with my two dogs. My new favourite place is the Basingstoke Canal.


Master's degree: Management and Marketing


Favourite place: nature. Favourite pet: dog. Favourite activity: design. Favourite music: stillness. Favourite view: window.



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